About Caxton

Our vision is to be the choice of millions who wish to send or spend overseas. We focus on customer service backed up with great technology, enabling international payments that work. Since the start of the century we have been moving money for our customers, offering transparent pricing and no fees.

Caxton has built Microsoft cloud-based systems for payment processing, transfers and sophisticated treasury handling that truly earn the title of Fintech. With experience learned from serving our own customers, we can now provide other businesses with the infrastructure for borderless payments.

Authorised E-money Issuer

Authorised Payment Institution

Authorised to sell FX Hedging and Derivative Products

Authorised to hold Client Money in Trust Accounts

For etailers:

Tailored FX pricing feed

Execution and settlement in any currency

Automated payments in any currency

Offline currency hedging

Multi-currency account

For app developers:

End-end client take-on including

KYC and anti-fraud

Account management

Payments in and out

For banks:

White-label multi-currency account

Multi-currency payment card

The Technology

Caxton’s Firebird systems are Microsoft cloud-based and designed around a fully distributed architecture, meaning functionality modules are independent of each other. A blockchain overlay has been created that gives secure, fast and low cost connections for partner systems.

Channel agnostic, the systems can interface with mobile, web as well as legacy systems offering complete flexibility for delivering currency price and settlement for SMEs, corporates and etailers. This state-of-the-art technology is capable of providing Peer2Peer FX and payments on both currency card and wallet, as well as payments to email and mobile numbers.